Roomy 2014, acrylic on aluminum 15 x 21 inches

 roomie 3


super green, acrylic on paper, 2014

Vitamin Grape acrylic and marker on folded paper, 17 x 13 in. 2014

Blue Zoo acrylic on anodized Aluminum, 2014

Pink and Purple I acrylic on Arches 300lb 2014

Swing acrylic on 300lb Arches, 2014

The Librarian acrylic on 300 lb Arches 2014

Red Blue and Yellow acrylic on 3000 lb Arches 2014 

2nd practice for print box  un•bound•ed catalog 2014

yellow and blue acrylic on folded 300lb arches, 2014

Little Cloud acrylic on 300lb arches, 2014

General Store acrylic on 300lb paper, 16.5 x 13.5 in, 2014